Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Rebuilding The Heathit AT-1 Transmitter - Coil Wiring

The last stage of assembly is the wiring of the oscillator and bandswitch coils on the top of the chassis. Most of this is done with heavy solid wire. I used #14 solid copper house wire with the insulation removed. The oscillator coil, four bandswitch coils, two tuning capacitors, and bandswitches are all connected. It is important to follow the order shown in the manual and double check against making wiring errors that will be hard to change later during assembly.

Soldering the heavy wire is beyond the heat capacity of my small Weller soldering station. I dug out my old 140 Watt (also Weller) soldering gun and it was ideal for the job.

I am quite pleased with the results, expecially when comparing it to the photos I took of the original assembly. The last step is to connect the power cord.

I am now ready to power up and test the unit, after carefully checking the wiring one last time.

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