Sunday, May 11, 2014

Apple II Monitor Ported to Apple 1

As announced here,  a cassette tape was found that contains a port of the Apple II Monitor to the Apple 1. It was done by Winston Gayler. Additional work was done by Wendell Sander, who posted documentation, cassette tape sound files and Woz Mon binaries here .

I've tested the code on a Briel Replica 1 and it works quite well. The only issue I found on the Replica 1 is that the commands that require Control keys do not work as the Replica 1 does not emulate Control keys when using a PS/2 keyboard. They will work if entered from the serial port.

This weekend I went a little further adapted the original monitor source from the "Red Book" to build under the CA65 assembler, then applied the changes for the Apple 1. The result is code that can be assembled from source and easily relocated.



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