Sunday, December 2, 2012

Heathkit SB-310 Shortwave Receiver

I recently purchased a Heathkit SB-310 shortwave receiver on Ebay and am restoring it. The SB-310 was Heathkit's top of the line shortwave receiver, based on the SB-300 Amateur Radio receiver.

It is an all tube receiver that was sold as a kit from  1967 to 1972 retailing at US$267.95. It covers nine shortwave bands which over most of the shortwave, amateur radio, and CB radio bands.

It has a very accurate and linear dial which used the heathkit LMO (Linear Master Oscillator) which was pre-assembled and aligned.

I post more details here later on the work to restore it, which was not much as the unit I purchased was working and very clean when I received it.

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