Monday, December 31, 2012

Grab Bag: Raspberry Pi Case and App Store

I was ordering some electronic parts from Jameco recently and I notice they now carry an inexpensive Raspberry Pi case, so I ordered one. The case is made by Bud Industries. It is a simple design with only two (identical) plastic pieces that go together. It's a little big, but has the benefit of allowing lots of ventilation and it will probably have room for some of the available expansion boards or a ribbon cable connector to the GPIO pins.

Raspberry Pi Case
Recently I was digging through my junk box looking for a specific chip and realized I don't have very many TTL chips. I like electronics grab bags, and Jameco sells a number of different ones, so I also picked up their 100 Piece TTL Semiconductor Grab Bag. I just started sorting them but it looks like I got quite a good assortment of devices. They say it can contain surface mount parts as well as through hole but my grab bag only included DIP packages, which is great.

100 TTL Chips
The Raspberry Pi foundation recently opened an application store, for both paid and free apps. So I ported a small text adventure game that I wrote in C, originally for my Apple 1 replica, and packaged it for the Raspberry Pi store. It is a free download and you can get it from here.  I think the game is quite challenging and I encourage you to try it out if you have a Raspberry Pi. I'm also working on a graphical version that will use the Qt toolkit.

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