Saturday, April 21, 2012

Latest CC65 Patches for Replica 1

There have been various patches for the cc65 assembler / compiler tools to support Apple 1 and Replica 1 systems but I haven't seen any patches for the latest release. I took patches for 2.12 (thanks to  Jeremy Rand for these) and got them working with 2.13.3. The patches can be found here.

I am hoping to get these patches applied back to the original source at so future releases will support Apple 1 / Replica 1 systems out of the box.

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Exasperation said...

Hey Jeff,

Did you ever get these ported back to the upstream? The source repository for cc65 is on Github at these days.

It'd be great to see the Apple 1 as a supported cc65 target! I've been playing around with it, the ca65 macro assembler alone makes it worthwhile.