Thursday, April 19, 2012

16K Memory Card Update

The protoboard arrived today. It is the Vector Plugbord model 4112-4. It fits the Replica 1 slot nicely. It is quite large and could be cut in size for this project but I may use the space for additional circuitry later.

I'm still waiting on some of the other parts.

I did some investgation into the EEPROM write timing. It takes worst case 1 msec to write (at least for the datasheet for the chip vendor I looked at). So for example, my JMON monitor program's fill and copy commands will write data too fast to EEPROM. Uploading a file to the Woz monitor over the serial port is fine. I'll investigate a way to put optional delays into JMON's commands for the slower EEPROM in case I need to move data around.

I don't yet have a RAM chip to confirm if the design works with RAM as well as EEPROM.

I had a request to create binaries (Woz monitor files) for some of my code, specifically the adventure game and and OSI BASIC. These are now on github for anyone who wants them and doesn't have the development tools to build them from source.

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