Saturday, April 28, 2012

2KSA is Running on the Replica 1

The 2K Symbolic Assembler (2KSA) is now running on the Replica 1! Only a few changes were needed -- implementing the appropriate I/O routines and relocating it from $0200 to $0300 to avoid a conflict with the Woz Monitor input buffer.

I haven't tested it exhaustively but it seems to work fine.

The same source can be conditionally assembled for either the KIM-1 or Apple1 / Replica 1. I've made available two download files for the KIM-1 (linked at the two addresses mentioned in the original document). I haven't tested them as I don't have a KIM-1 system but I confirmed that that code matched the binary dump in the original documentation.

I've also made a Replica 1 download file available.

I'm hoping to make a few enhancements to the code.

All files can be obtained from here.

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