Monday, June 2, 2014

New Retro Computer Kit

Dubbed a Software Defined Computer, the Propeddle  is a new forthcoming computer kit that has a 65C02 processor as well as a Propeller CPU, and is planned to be able to emulate various 6502-based computers by changing the software. The prototype is already able to emulate an Apple 1.

The name Propeddle comes from the Propeller CPU used on the board, and Chuck Peddle, one of the designers of the 6502 microprocessor.

It has similarities to the Briel Replica 1, but aims to be able to be able to emulate different computers.

It looks like a interesting project, and one that I will keep my eye on. Being able to emulate a number of different old computers would be cool. It should be able to emulate, say, a KIM-1, Commodore PET, or Ohio Scientific Challenger by changing the firware. I wonder if it will have the processing power to emulate a more complex machine like the Apple II?


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Jeff!

I don't know enough details about the Apple II (in its various incarnations) so I've been careful enough NOT to promise Apple II emulation for the Propeddle project.

I think even the earliest Apple ][ machines had graphics, and that's something that's difficult to do with the Propeddle hardware because in graphics mode, the Propeller may not have enough internal memory to do it.

That said, there's always the expansion bus, and I'm planning to design an I/O expansion board that may make it possible to do things like graphic video modes.

Emulation for the PET-2001 is definitely near the top of the agenda.