Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Android version of POM1 Emulator

I earlier talked about the POM1 Apple 1 Emulator. John Corrado recently ported it to Android so it runs on Android devices like phones and tablets. It's quite cool to see Apple 1 code running on a phone. It's also quite shocking how much computer power has improved - my phone has at least 1000 times the computing power and resources of the Apple 1.

Below is a picture of JMON running on my Android phone:

POM1 Running on an Android Phone
And here are a couple screen shots of JMON running on the desktop version of the POM1 emulator:

JMON Help Screen
JMON Disassembly Feature

You can get the Android version from the Google Play app store. Look for "pom1". The POM1 simulator is maintained at pom1.sourceforge.net.

I mentioned planning to add 65C02 support to the mini assembler in JMON. Well, that only took about an hour, as it only involved adding support for the two new addressing modes. It now supports 65C02 instructions, other than the BBR and BBS instructions which have a special syntax.

While I was adding 65C02 support I thought I would write a little quick reference like I did for the 65816. I've almost finished the one page document which outlines the new software features of the 65C02 over the 6502. It will be available for download here.


Ed said...

I like your reference cards! Can I request an announcement on 6502.org, when you're ready? Thanks!

Jeff Tranter said...

Sure, I'll do that shortly.