Monday, July 20, 2009

Memories of the First Moon Landing

In July 1969 I was 8 years old and I remember it was very hot. My family had rented a cottage for a couple of weeks of vacation in the Muskoka area north of Toronto.

I remember on some very hot days we drove into the nearest town to go to the Dairy Queen and have Mister Misty's - they were the coldest and most thirst quenching thing on the menu.

There was a small black and white television and roof antenna in the cottage. On July 20th I stayed up with my parents to watch the moon landing including the live footage of the first steps on the moon. I don't think my younger brother and sister were able to stay awake for it. At the time I understood the importance and was very excited about it. I remember looking up at the moon and thinking about the astronauts who were up there. I'm sure it was a factor in my becoming a life-long fan of science, science fiction, and astronomy.

I still have some 8mm home movies (now transferred to video) of the summer vacation at that cottage.

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