Monday, November 25, 2013

Book Updates

My new book Classic Heathkit Electronic Test Equipment has been well received and is well on it's way to meeting my goal of selling over 100 copies before the end of the year. I've received many positive comments from the first purchasers of the book.

I've created a spotlight page on with information about the book as well as some relevant links. I've also created a web page for errata and updates on my home page. I expect will be offering some kind of sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday with possible discounts, so watch their site for updates.

I also spent some time on my YouTube channel, adding some categories, a welcome video, and graphics. I'm continuing to make YouTube videos of Heathkit equipment there, most recently on the IT-17 Tube Checker, GR-81 Economy SWL Receiver, IP-17 Low-Voltage Regulated Power Supply, and IM-2215 Portable Digital Multimeter.

Finally, I got some some nice coverage on Bill Meara's SolderSmoke blog. I have followed his podcast and blog for several years and encourage you to check it out. You may also find his book SolderSmoke -- Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics of interest. I purchased a copy and really enjoyed it.

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