Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Superboard ///

My latest retrocomputing project is building the Superboard /// computer kit by Briel Computers.

It is a replica of the Ohio Scientific Superboard II. The original SuperBoard II was one of the first affordable computers that featured a full keyboard, video output, BASIC in ROM.

At a price of $279 in 1979, it was an amazing bargain at the time when compared to systems like the Apple II that retailed for about $1300. For that you got an assembled board but needed to add a 5 volt power supply, monitor or TV set and RF modulator, and cassette tape for storage.

I owned one that I purchased in 1979 and it was my first computer. With it, I learned BASIC and 6502 machine language programming.

The SuperBoard /// is Vince Briel's replica of the original SuperBoard. It features a 6502 processor, but simplifies the design by replacing a lot of logic chips with a Propeller CPU. It is software compatible with the original system.

It is sold assembled or as a kit. I opted for the kit.

To date I've made three YoutYube videos on the kit, covering unboxing, assembly, and basic operation. They can be found on my YouTube channel.

I also have some files on my github account including a handy Quick reference, the OSI firmware including BASIC, and a port of my JMON monitor program. The Visual Monitor program that I entered a few months ago also works.

Below are some useful web links.

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Ohio Scientific:

Superboard ///:

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Unknown said...

Jeff, sorry to bother you but I was curious when you purchased your kit from Briel computers. Vince accepted payment from me well over a year ago and never delivered the product. He won't respond to email.